Friday, September 17, 2010

मैं और मैं

कृपया थोडा समय दें ...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lets understand the difference and bridge it...

You never realize it as it requires you to be very watchful of yourself, your thoughts. But once it gets your attention you can start taking it by one..piece by piece. Be very careful while discerning the differences. The difference between what one IS, and what one WANTS TO BE. So many times we have this idea of our ideal self burnt in our mind and we talk, portray ourselves and take decisions assuming that we have attained that ideal without realizing that all the efforts in that direction either never made any headway or were put on back burner long ago. And if you are come across a mirror one day..and if you are watchful it might catch your look at yourself very closely and say to yourself 'Gosh..I am so not me'...and then the tough work starts..yes ..very tough !!

Who is this guy ??

Yeah...who is he ? Where is he ? Does he exist any more ? Would he be back ? Or has he evolved or regressed into some one else..for good. He started writing in 2007..three and half years from now..and he was funny, casual, cheerful, revealing, poignant... unregretting as well. His writings are a vestige to that, at least thats what seems to be the case when I read them. I again read his first post today "An ultimate guide to cooking for dummies" and I enjoyed it...really..सचमुच. I couldn't stop myself from reading more of his posts and I enjoyed them as well. where is he ? May be he is in there..hiding...or waiting for the right time. May be..or may be not.

Being in Harmony

One has to be in harmony with what goes on. You can try rationalizing things (and it helps many doubt), but it doesn't work all the time; after all brain is a trickster as I said earlier. You have to be in harmony..don't fight it, don't stick to it..just let it be and let it at peace with it.
Having said that, it is not so easy. But you have to ?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 trickster

The title of the post won't come as a surprise to you if you have observed yourself, your thoughts over a period of time. Its funny and intriguing how an occurrence in our life triggers a storm of emotions which overwhelm us for a short time (lets say those occurrences were not apocalyptic) and we hammer ourselves for doing certain things. But at last when the dust settles, you forget. You just forget what you repeatedly told yourself. All the pounding of the hammer to no effect. I am not saying by any means that what I told myself was right or wrong (lets assume for now that things can be categorized that way). There lies the tricky incorrigible nature of our there an indelible ink for its fabric...will it ever fact..lets take a step backwards...does it want to learn ?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A confession

In 2nd standard as a 6 year old I once filled the blanks in "Fill in the blanks" exercise with the word 'blanks' and was quite amused at the stupidity of the question. As a 9 year old I used to think that Kannada was the language of Canada. I got full credit for that answer until a jealous class-mate complained about it to the teacher. What an ass !! I also used to think that Jim Courier was from Korea and was always confused as to why he didn't have Asian features. Ok you can laugh now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The shooting

I went for the shooting of this Hillary Swank movie as an extra. It was a very long wait. The chatters of under-grads in the room didn't make it any easier. To be honest, I feel old today. They must have been 4-5 years younger to me. I feel wierd. The shooting was pretty good. Luckily I sat close to where most of the action was going on. So I might have been captured in the camera. I am keeping my fingers crossed.